These Are The Best Credit Cards

By Gavin | July 16, 2019

I have 25 credit cards which might sound crazy, don't worry, I don't have a George Costanza humongous wallet, I think it would throw my back out. If you're getting into this start, slowly, I do not recommend anyone reading this post to go out and get 25 credit cards.


Amex gold card and capital one venture card

The cards I can't live without number one now that I use on a daily basis is the Amex gold that just changed to offer for Amex points per dollar spent on our dining. I entertain a ton and Amex points are to be worth about two cents apiece, so I'm running like eight cents per dollar spent on dining by using the MX gold.

I also use the capital one venture card because I like to take helicopters and tours, and by putting a lot of spend on that card it gives me the flexibility to wipe off pretty much any travel purchase, and then for all other travel like uber and hotels I'll put it on my Chase Sapphire reserve for that 3x chase points.

Chase Capital One and Amex points constantly building

I like to have Chase Capital One and Amex points constantly building, because those points are really valuable, I have other cards out there, my JetBlue card, if I spend $40,000 a year on it I get free mosaic status which allows me to make unlimited changes to my JetBlue flights for free, and that's the airline that I fly across country.


I save thousands of dollars a year by avoiding change fees by simply spending on those cards. The other cards have unique perks that I like to keep open is the Citi prestige,  it has this fourth night free benefits. Every time I'm staying for four nights and expensive hotels I'll use that card.

I recently stayed at the Brando resort which is where President Obama went after his presidency ended to write his book, and it was $3,000 a night. It's a credit card that has a 450 dollar annual fee, but on that one hotel stay I save $3,000, of course, most people aren't staying at $ 3,000-night hotels, but it saves me tons of money, more than the annual fee.

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