Auto Repair Tools You Need To See

By Gavin | March 05, 2019

Now you can easily remove dents from any vehicle with the clutch pneumatic dent puller, this 21 and a quarter inch steel dent puller has a three-pound sliding hammer, that's easy to use to smooth out the toughest dents.

The 13 inch Inlet hose and brass shutoff valve make it easy to set up and get going quickly. It features a through handle exhaust to direct exhaust away from you for total safety. This kit includes three pads, a three-inch pad, a four-inch pad, and a six-inch pad. You can remove a variety of dent sizes the clutch pneumatic dent puller.

Just what you need to smooth out the surface of any vehicle or Heming door skins with speed and precision, look to Mouth for an efficient solution to fit your operational needs, introducing d8 drill attachment and air-powered hemming turbo tools for Malko products Malko turbo tools, efficiently hem edges and angles of replacement skins for passenger vehicle and light truck doors with limited manual tacking requirements, remove the old door skin and prep the door as usual, slightly angling the upright lip of the replacement door skin with a hammer and dolly, and flattening the point of entry with ensure smooth operation with either the D H air-powered hemming tool or hemming attachment for AC cordless or air drills to achieve optimal results. Keep the anvil flush against the outer edge and finish side of the door skin.

Now Cody H hemming turbo tools are resistant to solvents and are easily cleaned of adhesive used between the door skin and the panel, a high impact ABS polymer anvil will not scratch or Mar the skin, the narrow head an adjustable anvil provides an accurate tight clean scene.