Chase Auto Direct Demo

By Gavin | October 18, 2018

Here we have it cheese seller direct, so the customer start the process, they could be on their mobile app or they could be on the actual website, so they would link over this chase auto loans home page.

At this point the customer may be deciding between a couple different vehicles, so they wanted to actually find the car now, and this is where you launched our searches, carbine service, so at this point the customer word entered the make of the car, and the zip code that they're interested in, and their makes it, hit the Go button, so based on the make they just entered, all the different models available for that make pop-up, so for this one you can see the different pictures, you can see some initial pricing, but not until you click the buttons, when you actually configure your card, you get the more detailed pricing.

So at this point we know in the digital era, everyone likes to customize their car, they want to pick their own different options or different colors, so the customer can do that on this point here, one of my favorite things about this process is the actual chase, par line service, price curve, you can see based on the zip code that you just entered, whether you're getting a fair price or not, and right here you have the MSRP at 23,000, and right now just by using the chase carbine service, you can see you're already down to a price of 21,000, so right at the top of the process, you're already getting the 3000 dollar savings just by using the chase car buying service.

So the next step in the process since you customize your car, when you click Next, it's going to actually match you up with local dealerships in your area that have your car available, so I just configured a silver 2017 Honda Accord, and local Honda dealership has the car waiting for me, if I click the view certificate. I get more the actual info around the pricing.

But the last step in the process is to apply to for financing before you go to that dealership, so what you'll notice is when I just clicked apply, the actual exact make and model already came over the 2017 Honda Accord, and the local dealership also prefilled the application, so right at the beginning the process, I'm already halfway complete the applications to 50% complete.

The next steps would just be able to fill out some basic credit information, where do you live, do you own or rent your home, how much money do you make, and after you finish that you click the submit button, and then you get your decision page, so congratulations, you've been approved, you see your estimated monthly payment, you see your interest rate, and the last step in the process is to either print this out and take it with you, or bring it with you on your mobile phone, and you bring it to your dealership to close the deal.